Big Gay Matinee!: Barbarella

Nov 25, 2018


Screens Sunday, November 25th at 2pm as part of our Big Gay Matinee! series!
With a special pre-film drag performance by Heavenly Powers!

Join us in celebrating the gay cult classics every month at our Big Gay Matinee! Complete your Sunday Funday - after you brunch and before you hit beer bust - as we look at what makes some films catnip for gay audiences. Come early for pre-show entertainment, drink specials and more hosted by Keith Garcia and friends!

Jane Fonda stars in this wild and sexy out-of-this-world adventure as an interstellar explorer whose only mission is LOVE! Many a budding lesbian became smitten with Fonda's intergalactic sex kitten and many a gay man was envious of her supernova of fashion. Based on a popular and erotic French comic book Barbarella wears its camp sensibility squarely on its sleeve and thank heaven for that!