Bird Walk: Cherry Creek State Park

Feb 27, 2020


Cherry Creek always has one of the highest winter bird counts of any locality in Colorado. Parts of the reservoir remain open, attracting wintering "diving ducks" such as mergansers, scaup, and bufflehead, "dabbling ducks" like gadwall, mallard, and northern shoveler, as well as a good variety of grebes, loons, and gulls. Brushy habitat found throughout the park hosts spotted towhee, American tree sparrow, and white-crowned sparrow, and in the woodlands are nuthatches, chickadees, and woodpeckers. Cherry Creek's extensive prairie areas has specialties such as northern shrike and merlin, along with early migrants like bluebirds and Say's phoebe. Transportation is not included. Participants caravan from a meeting location. The meeting locations for bird walks vary with each outing, so please consult your reminder email for final information.

All sales final unless the museum cancels the event.