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Birding without Boarders

Jul 16, 2019


Named a “Travel Pioneer” by the BBC and the “Birdman of Razzmatazz” by Newsweek, Noah Strycker is a writer, photographer, and bird man. In 2015, Strycker set himself a lofty goal: to become the first person to see half the planet’s birds in one year. For 365 days, with a backpack, binoculars, and a series of one-way tickets, he traveled across 41 countries and all seven continents, eventually spotting 6,042 species—by far the biggest birding year on record. In his book Birding Without Borders, Strycker ventures deep into a world of bloodsucking leeches, chronic sleep deprivation, airline snafus, breakdowns, mudslides, floods, war zones, ecological devastation, conservation triumphs, common and iconic species, and scores of passionate bird lovers around the globe. He offers a hopeful message that although many birds face an uncertain future, more people than ever are working to protect them. Presented in partnership with Bird Conservancy of the Rockies with promotional support from Audubon Society of Greater Denver and Audubon Rockies.