Black & White in the 21st Century

Mar 6, 2021 - Apr 24, 2021


March 6 through April 24, 2021

Black & white (B&W) photography is thought by some to be only a relic of the past. 19th and 20th century photographers like Julia Margaret Cameron and Ansel Adams are recognizable names and their images are well known. However, many assume that, with digital cameras and colorful ink printing available, B&W is an abandoned art form.

To the contrary, some 21st century photographic artists still prefer to express their art through this medium. They find that the subtraction of color from their images allows them to create their own unique visual ‘reality’ through which to communicate with their audience.

This exhibition explores the work of seven contemporary B&W photographers and provides insight into their philosophies of subject selection and their reasons for choosing a B&W presentation for them. Varied subjects are represented here – from beautiful traditional landscapes to abstract explorations of the aged human body.

Photographers include: Jim Sidinger, Eric Biggerstaff, Tom Finke, Jeff Graves, Keith Pitman and Bruce Zander. This exhibit will also feature Anastasia Pottinger’s series, Centenarians, a photo essay of images of the human body at age 100.

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