Black Faces, White Spaces: A Conversation with Carolyn Finney

Dec 3, 2020


Christian Cooper. John Muir. George Floyd. What does race have to do with it? In the compelling book "Black Faces, White Spaces," Carolyn Finney explores why African Americans are so underrepresented when it comes to interest in nature, outdoor recreation and environmentalism. Finney argues that the legacies of slavery, Jim Crow and racial violence have shaped cultural understandings of the "great outdoors" and determined who should and can have access to natural spaces. As a National Parks Advisory Board member from 2010 to 2018 and a scholar-in-residence at the Franklin Environmental Center at Middlebury College, Finney is at the forefront of a movement to understand how people negotiate their relationship to the environment. During this evening of impactful discussion, Finney will address how art, science and popular culture create frameworks for engagement among individuals, communities and organizations to nurture healthy relationships between humans and the environment.
This program is presented in partnership with Bird Conservancy of the Rockies with promotional support from Denver Audubon and Audubon Rockies.