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Bold Women. Change History. Women's History Symposium

Feb 26, 2022


In conjunction with the Bold Women. Change History. initiative, History Colorado will be holding a gathering of scholars, researchers and those who are curious to explore how women’s history is found in unexpected places. The day will feature a keynote from Dr. Karen Roybal, assistant professor of Southwest Studies at Colorado College, multiple panel discussions, presentations and lunch.

This forum for sharing new research, interpretation, representation, and newly collected artifacts and archives relating to topics in women’s history will provide a platform for discussion and exploration of how discoveries in women’s history are often found in unexpected places and through non-traditional techniques. It will inspire educators, museum professionals, researchers, and individuals from all walks of life to approach women’s history with a broader and more critical lense, to challenge the iconic narratives and myths often associated with this history and to examine the intersections of race, gender, socio-economic conditions, religion and citizenship in the Colorado and national women’s history narratives.