Brahms Requiem

Apr 9, 2021 - Apr 11, 2021


Unlike other Requiem Masses, Brahms' A German Requiem is not primarily a Mass for the dead. Instead, it is intended as comfort and solace for those left behind, for the living who feel the pain and mourn the death of others. Brahms further differentiates his Requiem by setting excerpts from the Lutheran Bible and apocrypha in German instead of the Catholic, Latin text used by Mozart, Verdi, and Berlioz. The Colorado Symphony Chorus lends their distinguished voice to this stunningly beautiful masterpiece which stands as one of the greatest choral works ever composed. Just as A German Requiem confronts life as much as it does death, Mason Bates' Resurrexit musically details the resurrection story, exploring "...a biblical narrative full of mystery and the supernatural." The program begins with Wagner's "Good Friday Music" from his last work, Parsifal – a divine opener to a program celebrating life conducted by Music Director Brett Mitchell.