Bun Bun

Feb 28, 2020


They are Bun Bun!¡!

Since starting in 2019 Bun Bun opened for Flaming Lips' Brothers Griiin & femme powerhouse Beginners, and played three festivals - in Arcosanti, Denver, and San Francisco! Wow!

They each knew, when they were born, that one day they would become SoundCloud rappers. Now Bun Bun makes Future~Shock Bee~Wave G~House Comedic~Instructional Dance Music, and we only make hits. The pair write songs about everything they love. They love you, they love bees, buns, hacking, curry, La Croix, narwhals, and spooning. Most of all they love each other.

"Be kind to your dreams," Reedlet & Snarklet (Bun Bun)

Special live performance on February 28th at 9 PM.

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