Bunny Brigade: A Burlesque Tribute to the Women Behind an Empire

Oct 14, 2018


A celebration of the women behind an empire!

Inspired by a historical monthly men's magazine that changed America, Bunny Brigade is a history-rich and stunningly gorgeous return to the 1950s and 60s. The show includes burlesque tributes to Playboy's® first playmates, the World-famous Bunnies, and the articles! Of course—the articles! Denver's inimitable Professor Phelyx will be joined by burlesque stars and pin-up girls as they take you back in time to bring this controversial magazine to life!

The exclusive V.I.P. experience features an opportunity for V.I.P. guests (Selected by drawing every Friday through October 12) to "photo bomb" a bunny photo shoot that happens during the show and have a digital photographic keepsake of the experience to share online for years to come.

Make sure to play our weekly trivia game to have your name entered in the weekly drawing! Trivia question will be posted every Monday, V.I.P. chosen each Friday.

BONUS! From the names of people who have answered ALL SIX of our trivia questions, we will draw TWO names who will each receive a personalized and signed poster from the cast AND a post-show, on stage photo-op with the whole cast of BUNNY BRIGADE!

Champagne Shuga Nova
Bang Bang Von Loola
Prudence DeVilliere
Cha-Cha Colette Shundra Marcae Jackson

Hosted by Professor Phelyx

People who have seen the show say,

"The show was truly something creative! The whole time I felt like I was living, not watching, but living in a vintage film. Much attributed to the brilliant attention to detail, appreciation for the history and high passion to talent ratio!"

“I enjoyed the showmanship and professional performance. The ladies are classy and sexy.”

“Enjoyed the history of the original Bunnies along with Hugh Hefner's contribution to Civil Rights. Love that you highlighted the famous writers that were featured in Playboy. I did read the articles. Your cast was exceptional and really looked the part for the era portrayed.”

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