Caballo de Fuerza

1/22/2019, 1/28/2019, 2/4/2019, 2/11/2019, 2/19/2019


Humans and horses have been on a shared journey for tens of thousands of years. Integral to our existence long before civilization, horses have the power to share their strength and elevate humanity. Revered for more than their utility, there is something magical about horses. Symbols of both wild freedom and willing compliance, horses have an enduring power over the imagination. As humanity has shaped horses to suite our needs, they have shaped the course of humanity, and horses continue to survive and evolve even as the world around them changes. Recognized as vital members of the community, horses are unparalleled companions. They represent social and economic prestige, a fundamental method of transportation, a force of labor, and a weapon of war.

Sin Fronteras
The pieces in this exhibit are presented by Mueso De Las Americas. For nearly 30 years, Museo de las Americas has been the primary museum of Latin American art in the Rocky Mountain region. Our passion for community outreach and connection calls us to make our collections available to the public through our traveling exhibit, Sin Fronteras (Without Borders). Located in the heart of the Santa Fe Arts district in Denver, Museo has a collection of approximately 3500 objects including Pre-Columbian and colonial art and artifacts as well as fine art, folk art, textiles, and ceramics. These works correspond with Horse Power, an all horse art exhibit showing at the Curtis Center for the Arts January 7 through February 23.

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