Campfire Ghost Stories: Abner Sprague

Jul 5, 2018

In 1896, Abner Sprague spent the night trapped on a mountain precipice in a ferocious snowstorm wondering if he would live to see morning. He did, and in 1941, he caught the entire nation’s attention by trying to enlist in the Army at age 91 to fight in World War II.

Abner Sprague lived with an unstoppable spirit, and he typified the pioneer resourcefulness of those who settled on lands that would someday become Rocky Mountain National Park. This program will feature an exciting living history reenactment of the life of Abner Sprague, appropriate and meaningful for all ages. Amid a campfire setting, participants will have the opportunity to hear the thrilling tales of Sprague’s life, followed by time for discussion and reflection on how this pioneer story has meaning for our understanding of Rocky Mountain National Park and the dawn of the area’s tourism.