Campfire Ghost Stories: Miner Bill & the Blue Mist

Jun 21, 2018

Since the story was first told in the 1940s, thousands of Estes Park visitors have been intrigued and entertained by “The Blue Mist” at campfire gatherings, often at places like the Fall River Lodge, Stead’s Ranch, and at the livery of the YMCA of the Rockies.

Local cowboy-wrangler Bill Robinson was the first to give listeners goosebumps telling the fireside legend of the reclusive William “Miner Bill” Currence (ca. 1868-1951), a real-life figure from this area’s past. While Robinson created “The Blue Mist” as a fictional tale, it is framed with references to local history as well as allusions to the natural yet strangely sudden weather phenomena that occur in the mountains.