Carmen, The Tango

Sep 16, 2018


Parasol Arts presents the famous story of Carmen using the sensual and passionate language of Argentine Tango. The performance tells the story of Carmen, Don José, and the bullfighter Escamillo. Carmen is a free-spirited gypsy in contrast to the temperamental and fickle Don José. 

Fate, a representation of Carmen’s alter ego, tells Carmen's fortune with a deck of cards. A fight with Don Jose’s fiancé, Michaela, leads to Carmen's arrest by Captain Zúñiga. In jail, she seduces Don José and convinces him to release her. Carmen is subsequently caught in a love triangle between Don José and popular bullfighter Escamillo. Captain Zuniga and Michaela disapprove of the unconventional behavior of Carmen and her lovers. Carmen dances alternatively with Escamillo and Don José until she is stabbed. She dies caressing Don José’s face, revealing him as the assassin.