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Casual Fest 2021

8/6/2021, 8/18/2021, 8/20/2021, 9/10/2021, 9/17/2021, 9/22/2021


Rane Miranda is proudly director of local 501c3 DIY Casual, arts promoter and nonprofit aimed at art education, creating a platform of creativity for the community, and providing maker spaces at cost or for totally free. Our goal starting out is to create a public art and music event, totally free, with the goal of connecting the community and taking the inclusivity and mystique of knowledge out of the independent scene into the mainstream. Casual Fest is a series of independent arts and music concerts at the Downtown Boulder Bandshell. We believe that art should be accessible to everyone, and the opportunity to show it off or participate in a local market should not be limited by finances. We are looking to create a more vibrant art community, and do not see people's means or presentation as a barrier to participation. in the spirit of art as a form of healing and connection of our community after so much hardship and tragedy. The spirit of these events will be to showcase and connect the greater art community, offering a platform for all.

Here is a list of dates DIY Casual will be taking over the Bandshell, featuring local artists, authors, and speakers, all day long:

DIY Casual's CASUAL FEST Dates: (first date is 7/23/21 #1/7)

Always Free, Always 12PM-9PM, Always Local and Independent

Friday August 6th

Wednesday August 18th

Friday August 20th

Friday September 10th

Friday September 17th

Wednesday September 22cd

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