6/3/2020, 6/4/2020, 6/5/2020, 6/6/2020, 6/7/2020, 6/12/2020, 6/13/2020, 6/14/2020, 6/15/2020, 6/19/2020, 6/20/2020, 6/21/2020


It's time to ride! Control Group Productions presents CAVALCADE! – a contagion-proof in-person/in-car performance experience. CAVALCADE! takes guests on a 9-mile drive in their own personal vehicles, with performance at multiple sites and sound delivered right into your car. Each ticket is good for one vehicle to attend CAVALCADE! What you need (to know) to attend: –A car! This is a BYOCar event. –An FM radio! In your car. –Masks and closed-toed shoes if you want to disembark when invited (not required). –The start location & route map. YOU'LL RECEIVE THESE ITEMS UPON PURCHASE OF TICKET.