Chadash Dance - Battle Cry!

Aug 12, 2018

The vision and mission of Chadash Dance is to cultivate renewal, reparation, and restoration in a broken world. Combining professional dance with film, poetry, multi-media, visual art and spoken word performances, we tell culturally relevant original stories in an effort to honestly acknowledge the world as it is, but then to engage in the conversation about what the world can be.

Through transcendent, thought-provoking choreography that cuts to the heart and stirs the soul, we seek to “stand in the ashes of the barn burned down and point to the moon. One half in suffering and one half in hope.”  "Battle Cry!" tells the tale of Evangeline and Oliver, a story that is common to all of us who seek meaning and significance in our relationships and our lives. We all long for love and acceptance, and we all want to live a life that matters. Evangeline and Oliver are no different. Theirs is a quest for wholehearted, passionate living. Waking to the realization that a meaningful life is passing them by, they learn to face their fears and seek to find the best in each other. Evangeline and Oliver embark on a journey to become their best and most courageous selves, overcoming the darkness that preys on their individual fears by learning how to see in one another, and ultimately, in themselves, strengths they did not know they possessed. Evangeline and Oliver come to understand that only when we are brave enough to face the Darkness will we discover the infinite power of the Light.