Chasing Coral

Jan 26, 2020


Coral reefs make up a minute amount of our oceans yet provide home to nearly a third of all life in the seas. These magnificent and mysterious ecosystems are truly the nurseries of our marine world. However, these spectacular places are feeling the heat, quite literally. Our changing climate is having dramatic impacts, at a global scale, on our coral reefs and all of the organisms that call it home. This presentation will explore the experience of documenting this impact through the production of the Netflix film Chasing Coral, how we can shed light on an ecosystem that this largely out of sight and out of mind and create an educated general public that can stand up for the issues facing our natural world.

Zack Rago is a passionate coral enthusiast and science communicator. He has a diverse background that includes extensive experience with coral care and husbandry, underwater fieldwork, and public outreach. Well known for his role in the Netflix documentary Chasing Coral, Zack has spent his entire career working with coral reefs and has become an activist and voice for the ecosystem. His passion for the sea led him to create The Ocean Blueprint where he can continue to engage the public about the dire state of coral reefs, and involve the enthusiasts in unique and novel programs. As an educator, activist and ‘coral nerd’ he is thrilled to embark on a new journey protecting what he loves. Zach holds a bachelor’s degree in Evolutionary Biology & Ecology from the University of Colorado.

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