Chasing New Horizons

Aug 28, 2018


On July 14 of the year 2015, just two and a half years ago, a tiny man-made speck of metal loaded with mankind's best technologies and curiosity shot past the mysterious ice-worlds of the Pluto system giving humanity an incredible new wealth of information about the fringe of our solar system. Co-authors of Chasing New Horizons: Inside the First Mission to Pluto, Alan Stern (lead on the mission) and David Grinspoon (noted astrobiologist), takes us behind the scenes of this historic mission to tell the story of focused hard work, political struggles both within and outside of NASA, and a decades-long commitment to discovery. Come hear the tenacious tale of a group of people working toward an incredible goal and ask your questions about the history that is still being written in the stars. A book sale and signing will follow the lecture.

All sales are final unless the museum cancels the event.