Chris Potter Circuit Trio

Mar 13, 2019


For more than two decades, Potter’s limitless creativity, effortless virtuosity and vibrant sense of swing has wowed critics, musicians and fans alike, who cite him as one of the most influential saxophonists and inventive improvisers of the modern day. Chris’ new album, Circuits, due for release on 22nd February 2019 on edition Records, is immediate and uplifting, rooted in a strong sense of groove and intense improvisation.

Blending a vibrant sound world of electronics, memorable hooky melodies and surprising turns of phrase, Circuits is sure to delight both the dedicated Potter fans and new listeners alike. As Chris explains: “This albums feels like a turning point in musical direction for me, so it feels very fortunate to have some fresh faces involved to help support it. To me, the album has a feeling of being unconstrained by convention, so I’m happy to have some folks on the business side who feel that way too. Edition Records has a lot of good ideas about how to connect this recording with a potential audience that might really like it if we can just make it onto their radar, and that’s very exciting to me”.

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