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Christopher Titus

5/30/2019, 5/31/2019, 6/1/2019


Christopher Titus brings his newest show to the theaters across the country. Employing what he's labeled 'hard funny,' Titus has released eight 90-minute albums. He also formed a production company, Combustion Films, which produced his last three specials and the film Special Unit. Known for leaving no stone unturned, especially within his own life and family, Titus takes his audience on a 90-minute ride that will leave them exhausted from laughter. Visit lucyrestaurant.com to dine before the show.

Dates and Times:
Thursday, May 30th 7:30pm
Friday, May 31st 7:00pm & 9:45pm
Saturday, June 1st 7:00pm & 9:45pm

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