Classic Albums Live: Damn the Torpedoes

Jan 25, 2020


“Damn the Torpedos is the peak of Tom Petty’s songwriting with the Heartbreakers. Slick, big, and immutably classic, the album is a front-to-back feat of production and songwriting.” —Pitchfork

Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers’ 1979 album Damn the Torpedoes defined their musical style and took them into the mainstream, hitting number two on the U.S. charts. Classic Albums Live performs Damn the Torpedoes with skilled vocalists and musicians who honor the work with no gimmicks, no makeup, and no other illusions employed by tribute bands. Note for note, cut for cut, the attention to detail is staggering; every sound from the album is masterfully duplicated live on stage. Don’t miss hit singles from the album like “Refugee,” “Don’t Do Me Like That,” and “Here Comes My Girl,” followed by a second set of Tom Petty’s greatest hits.