Closing Reception: To Muse the Labyrinth - Sculptural Installation by Autumn T. Thomas and ArtLab Interns

Nov 6, 2020


Autumn T. Thomas creates curved sculptures by placing hundreds of cuts into pieces of wood, allowing the material to bend and arc, evoking the endurance required to thrive amidst intersecting forms of bias. "To Muse the Labyrinth" is a sculptural installation that explores what it means to be a Black artist, lost between worlds of anger, resolve, and conjecture. Here is a safe space, the walls of which contain the voices of the lost and the trauma they have shed. And with the guidance of Octavia Butler and other Afrofuturist/speculative fiction authors, their futures are reclaimed. During her residency, Thomas guided PlatteForum’s ArtLab high school interns through a series of 3-D printing workshops and this exhibition is a result of their collaboration.

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