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Clyfford Still, Art, and the Young Mind

Mar 11, 2022 - Aug 7, 2022


Clyfford Still, Art, and the Young Mind is a community-wide collaborative exhibition that examines the aesthetic preferences of early learners using Still's artworks as a basis for study.

Installed in five of the Museum's nine galleries and based on current research and field work, this exhibition investigates five significant themes in the visual development of infants through early childhood: high contrast, pattern, scale, recognizable imagery, and bright, highly-saturated colors. Gallery text reveals not only how children in the community responded to these five themes, but also how Still achieved an artform that continues to resonate through time by mastering these fundamental visual motifs. The remaining galleries in the Museum are arranged in a chronological narrative and highlight masterworks from the collection selected with families and young children in mind.

Clyfford Still Museum's curatorial and educational staff worked with young children (ages 6 weeks – 8 years old) and teachers from partner schools and childcare centers around the Denver metro area on every level of the exhibition, including artwork selection and arrangement, object interpretation and gallery text, and programming. Though primarily created by and for early learners, the exhibition includes various levels of engagement so visitors of all ages can explore abstraction, the progression of visual function and preference, and the intrinsic power behind Clyfford Still's art.

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