Colfax Art Crawl

Mar 1, 2019


This colorful event marks the first Colfax Art Crawl of 2019 hosted by the district and will feature Denver Brass, a multi-person live brass band.

Denver Brass is an expansive multi-instrument ensemble and will embrace the theme of New Orleans Street Party with sets featuring jazz, upbeat pop and other authentic sounds. Additionally, they’ll have a troupe of wandering musicians roaming the district. Patrons can keep an eye out for the cast of trumpet, trombone, tuba and snare drum performers while they ramble through 40 West Arts’ many galleries, studios and creative spaces.

The March 1st Art Crawl will also feature live artist demos stationed throughout the district and other New Orleans style happenings like palm readers, face painters and of course Marti Gras beads. Patrons are encouraged to wear their own necklaces, masks, feathers and more to add to the vibe. And just like any First Friday, 40 West Arts’ many creative businesses, galleries, studio spaces and showrooms will be open to the public with exhibitions on display and artwork for sale. 40 West Arts looks forward to this opportunity to showcase the district and open up a fun, creative, family-friendly environment for everyone to enjoy.