Colorado Abstracted: Five Artists Capture the Transcendental Experience of Nature

Jan 22, 2021 - Feb 27, 2021


Living in Colorado is a lyrical mix of sight, sound, air, and spirit that serves to replenish the creativity of this established group of abstract artists. "Colorado Abstracted: Five Artists Capture the Transcendental Experiences of Nature", a group exhibition, features Patricia J. Finley, Annamarie Mead, Lydia Riegle, Janet Rundquist, and Cyncie Winter. Once again, they have created work that celebrates what a Colorado Lifestyle means to them and how it influences their artistic process.

The genesis of their creativity is driven by the ethereal qualities of the natural world: the expansive blue skies, the magical quality of light at high altitude, the abundant sunshine, the clarity and dryness of the air. Mountain adventures, hiking and skiing together is a valued part of the inspiration.

With an independent Western spirit, they paint the wonder of a life lived in Colorado in an abstracted way. These five artists employ different materials and different points of focus to go beyond the details of nature, diving below the surface of things to capture and express the emotional, sensory, and transcendental experiences that emerge from the sights and sounds of this beautiful state.