Concert Reading: Strong Face

Mar 29, 2018

 Strong Face by Philana Omorotionmwan. Maybe it’s her “energy.” Maybe it’s her hair. Or maybe it’s just her skin. Whatever it is, no one in Follywood seems to be able to see that actress Bentley Jones is a woman. Nevertheless, Bentley is determined to be seen and make a name for herself. When she realizes that playing men may be the only way she’s able to accomplish her goals, Bentley decides not to disabuse anyone of their misperception. Not even her hip-pop star “girlfriend” Yoni Baker. Or man-in-address film star Whip Williams. But things change when Bentley learns that major film studio 19th Century Cocks has green lit a slavery-themed biopic guaranteed to earn its female star an impOSTOR nomination. Selling her agent on what she calls “genderblind” casting, Bentley manages to land the female lead. However, Bentley soon discovers that being seen as a woman in Follywood isn’t all that she hoped it would be.