Conjunto Colores

Apr 12, 2019


Francisco Mejias congas – vocals
Howard Hernandez – timbales
Gonzalo Teppa – bass
Victor Mestas – piano
Jose Cabrera – vocals
Cristine Barbosa – vocal
Jake Boldman – trumpet
Roberto Paderes – trombone

Join us for Dazzle’s first late night Salsa dance party with one of Denver’s longest standing salsa groups Conjunto Colores.

Between 1996 and 2013 Conjunto Colores under the leadership of Francisco Mejias has released 5 Cd’s, “La Hora Llego”, “Mi Planeta”, “En Otro Nivel”, “Lo Mejor Del Conjunto Colores”, and the latest “Con Colores Se Goza.” Conjunto Colores is one of the few bands that specializes in “Salsa Dura” (Hard Salsa) which emphasizes strong percussion and horns over vocals.

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