Feb 23, 2018 - Jun 10, 2018

They light up our lives, but have you ever wondered how?

Delve into the world of living things that blink, glow, flash, and flicker, from tiny fireflies in the backyard to strange creatures in the ocean’s depths that provide the only illumination. The new exhibition Creatures of Light explores the mysterious world of bioluminescence, visible light generated by living things through a chemical reaction. Lifelike models, spectacular immersive environments and simulations, unusual animals, videos, and engaging hands-on activities create an enlightening experience.

Venture into a dark cave and look up to see twinkling overhead—not from stars but from glowworms.
Stroll across an interactive “lagoon” and encounter the radiant diversity of a coral reef ecosystem.
Explore a woodland scattered with bioluminescent mushrooms and a meadow filled with flashing fireflies.
Dive deep to see astonishing invertebrates and fishes that put on light shows nothing short of psychedelic.
Discover how science has uncovered the variety of ways in which light is used to attract a mate, lure unsuspecting prey, or defend against a predator.

Creatures of Light is organized by the American Museum of Natural History, New York, in collaboration with The Field Museum, Chicago and the Canadian Museum of Nature, Ottawa, Canada.