Oct 26, 2018 - Jan 20, 2019


Discover the dynamic culture and abundant biodiversity of the Caribbean’s largest island nation in the new exhibition ¡CUBA!

Although its complex politics and vibrant music have primarily attracted the attention of the world, Cuba is also home to the unexpected. It is a place of stunning contrasts: mysterious caves and bright boulevards, sweltering fields and cool forests, hard challenges and high energy. This lively experience—presented in English and Spanish—immerses you in the people, landscapes, unique species, and daily life of this intriguing country.

Walk along a Cuban streetscape emulating urban life.
Try your hand at the popular Cuban version of dominoes.
See a 1955 Chevrolet Bel Air that reveals the story behind Cuba’s vintage cars.
Learn about Cuban art and artists with an interactive wall projection.
Explore a coral reef diorama with models of a hawksbill turtle, tiger shark, and spotted eagle ray.
Discover the amazing and diverse wildlife of the Zapata Biosphere Reserve.