Cumbia Festival

Sep 3, 2017

Cumbia Festival featuring La Tropa Vallenata, Tropical Kaoba, Los Chavos Dun Dun, and special guests


La Tropa Vallenata is a grouping of the vallenato genus. Founded in Mexico initially for 1984 by Alfonso Rios and conformed by Alonso Ibarra, Elias Moreno, Javier Miranda, Jose De Jesus Silva, Arnulfo Elizondo, Jorge Zavala, Manuel Silva, José Luis Elizondo, Fernando Nuñez.


This young talent organization was originally founded as TROPICAL KAOBA in 2000 in the city of Denver, USA by Gustavo Nava who was the main founder supported by Oscar Mendoza, Juan Islands all coming from Iztapalapa on the CD from Mexico. It is noteworthy that they were members of a group with a great trajectory in Mexico and the USA in the late 80's and 90's but decided to try their luck in the American Union and this is how, based on a lot of effort and sacrifice began this organization. Later they invited six young people with a lot of talent to be able to give the authentic sound to tropical music. This is how this group has formed that has managed to reach the taste of people and has been placed as a favorite of the music guapachoza.


The dun dun boys of the region lagunera mexico the group was formed in the year 2001 radican in denver co usa. Are 8 elements in the majority of the lagunera region.