Den Corner's Progressive Dinner Series

Feb 20, 2019


The Kizaki brothers, owners and operators of nationally applauded  Sushi Den, Izakaya Den and Ototo offer the first dates of the 2019 Den Corner’s Progressive Dinner series on Wednesday, February 20th. Guests will travel through the intricacies of Japanese cuisine and traditions, all on historic S. Pearl Street.

Beginning at Sushi Den, Yasu Kizaki will be the evening's master of ceremonies. Dinner guests join Master Chef Toshi Kizaki as he elevates the palate with two courses of sashimi and Edomae-Zushi, paired with Toshi’s personal selections of sake.  Walking next door to Ototo, guests will enjoy sizzling robata fare and ramen prepared by Head Chef Kenta Kamo and his team, while sipping on craft beer.  Sweet stop #3 is next door at Izakaya Den where the guests will complete the meal with desserts prepared by Pastry Chef Michiko Kizaki, finishing with a dessert wine.

The progressive series is limited to 10 guests with two seatings. To keep the intimate table of 10, two (2) seats are $350.00 including beverage, tax and tip.

Full menu is below:

First Stop - Sushi Den 
1st Course - Sashimi with Sake pairing
• Blue Fin Tuna
• Yellowtail
• Red Bonito
• White fish
2nd Course - Edomae-Zushi with Sake pairing  
• Blue Fin Tuna -Toro Akami
• Amberjack
• Aburi Toro
• King Salmon
Second Stop - OTOTO                          
3rd Course - Binchotan Grilled Skewers with Beer pairing
• Wagyu Beef
• Duck
• Fois gras
• Unagi
• Vegetables

Third Stop -Izakaya Den 
4th Course - Lobster Ramen
5th Course - House made Dessert with after dinner drink, coffee or tea