Denver Pet Expo

Aug 18, 2018 - Aug 19, 2018


The super awesome 7th Annual Denver Pet Expo is back! Bring your pet* to this indoor event.

Shop, play learn or adopt as you check out nearly 150 exhibitors- with everything from artisan pet beds to organic small batch pet treats to pet behaviorists to budget-friendly pet travel options - with the latest and greatest in pet products and services, amazing discounts on pet items you won’t find anywhere else, check out low-cost pet vaccinations** and free nail trims enjoy live obedience DEMOS, LURE COURSING, and other incredible displays of canine athletic prowess and your pet can participate too (no matter their age or ability)!

Plus, you can learn how to get started - or more involved - in making a difference for animals and even meet and fallin love with your new pet bestie, the perfect addition to your family. Speaking of family, this event has some surprises and activities just for the little and not-so-little kids in all of us. 

ALL WELL-BEHAVED PETS ARE WELCOME* and WE DON'T DISCRIMINATE against pets OR people, so BULLY BREEDS ARE WELCOME at this event! BSL BITES and we actively OPPOSE BREED BANS. In order to attend with a dog (or dogs) which may be categorized by the City and County of Denver as a pit bull or pit bull-type breed, please visit our website (see below) for a copy of the "City and County of Denver Pit Bull Transport Form." By submitting this form to Denver Animal Protection by the EOD on Friday, August 18, you'll be provided with a permit which allows you and your best pet friend to safely travel in and around the Denver Metro Area to attend the 2017 Denver Pet Expo. So TAKE A STAND AGAINST BSL and show us your pitties!

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