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Dining in the Dark

Jun 7, 2019


Of all of our senses, sight dominates how we perceive the world around us. Most of us live our daily lives not thinking how powerful our vision is, or how much we actually use our vision day to day. Have you ever wondered a world without sight? How would our other senses react to complete darkness? DOINS at The Fort wants to take you on a unique journey, exploring and heightening your taste buds. Not only will food begin to taste better but conversations and interactions with your loved ones will become a brand new experience. Dining in the Dark is led by our friendly and attentive wait staff that will walk you through your entire evening. You will “feel” and “taste” your way through a four-course prix-fixe meal.

The Fort will offer two tasty options for our guests but keeping the menu a secret to test your tastebuds!

A cash bar will be available for alcoholic beverages including house specials, beer and wine- ask your server.

Dine in the Dark at The Fort- for memories and laughter to last a lifetime!

Book today as we expect to sell out!