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Discovering Colfax

Sep 14, 2021


Take a bus tour of Denver's famous Colfax Avenue along its entire 26-mile length from Golden to Aurora. You will learn about the evolution of this avenue from neighborhood street to its designation as US Highway 40. Each city along the route has something to share about the rich history of Colfax. Lakewood retains many of the motor hotels servicing auto traffic from the early- to mid-20th century. Denver's portion has gone through many incarnations as well, including its seedier elements of pornography shops and prostitution.

Learn about the city's efforts to improve Colfax's image along major stretches of the avenue. Continue along into Aurora to see the major redevelopments occurring at the old Fitzsimons Hospital. Colfax is a microcosm of Denver society and this tour will help us learn about ourselves. No street walking necessary!

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