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Dodgeball Happy Hour

Aug 2, 2019


"If you can dodge a wrench, you can dodge a ball." Ok, so it won't be that intense but we will bring back this nostalgic schoolhouse favorite for a night of high energy, dodgeball slangin' fun. With a twist of adult happy hour (tasty snacks and cold brew). Can you say beer 30? Join us for a fun, active and stress relieving Friday evening at Titanium Fitness Center where players will bring out their best throws and dodges in 8 minute games (we'll play 6-8 full games with subs for plenty of break time).

Dodgeball Rules:
Players are tagged "out" when either hit by a ball, throw a ball that gets caught, or hi an opposing player in the head/face.
When a player is "out" they select one of the following penalty options before they can return to the game.

1. Sit out for 1:30
2. Do 3 Pull-Ups
3. Do 6 Burpies/Squat Thrusts
4. 10 Push-Ups
5. 15 Sit-Ups (no crunches)
6. 20 Squats

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