Doors Open Denver: Boiler House

Oct 8, 2020


Tour guides: Collin Kemberlin, Owner, Kemberlin Architecture and Fred Glick and Donna Bryson, Homeowners

About the tour: This is a rare opportunity to have a glimpse inside one of Denver's newest and most exciting single-family adaptive reuse projects. This tour will be jointly led by the owner and architect.

About the building: The Boiler House is a 7,500 square foot single-family home in Denver's Clayton neighborhood. Designed by Temple Hoyne Buell, the Boiler House originally contained three coal-fired boilers which provided steam heat to the other buildings on the campus. Together, they comprised the Denver Army Medical Depot, all built in 1942 to support the war effort. The Boiler House incorporates the original smokestack, coal silo and fly-ash building into a unique home which celebrates its original industrial volumes and materials while managing to be a warm, family home. The Boiler House also houses the owners' art collection, including several site-specific commissions.