Doors Open Denver: Museo de las Américas feat. Rhythm and Ritual Exhibition

Oct 6, 2020


Tour guides: Claudia Moran, Executive Director, Museo de las Américas and Jared Katz, Mayer Postdoctoral Curatorial Fellow for Art of the Ancient Americas at the Denver Art Museum

About the tour: Explore the Museo's history, permanent exhibitions and collections with Executive Director Claudia Moran. Get a guided tour of their current temporary exhibition Rhythm and Ritual: Music of the Ancient Americas with Curator Jared Katz.

About the exhibit: Imagine you are in a large stone courtyard. The sound of trumpets echoes off the surrounding buildings, and you feel the reverberation of powerful drums in your chest. You and the people surrounding you begin to dance. Now imagine the same situation without music. Your experience would be completely different. Music has the power to alter the way we experience space and how we behave in that space. By analyzing the music of the past, we can better understand the daily and ceremonial lives of ancient people. Rhythm and Ritual: Music of the Ancient Americas provides participants with an overview of the exhibition, as well as a detailed look at some parts of the installation. Learn about music performed by ancient American cultures, find out about behind the scenes aspects of curatorial work, and hear playable 3D printed replicas of the objects on display.