Dov Davidoff

1/11/2018, 1/12/2018, 1/13/2018

Combining hyper ADD with an amusingly acute take on things, Dov Davidoff puts on one of the highest intensity shows in stand-up. Dov starred in the film Invincible, and had ongoing roles on NBC’s Shades of Blue, and HBO’s Crashing. He’s also been seen on The League, Raines, Law & Order, Boston Legal, and Maron. There’s no doubt that Davidoff has established himself as one of the MUST-SEE acts on the scene today.

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Dates and Times:
Thursday, January 11th 7:30pm
Friday, January 12th 7:15pm & 9:45pm
Saturday, January 13th 7:15pm & 9:45pm