East Across the Divide: A Trail Ridge Road Bus Adventure

7/21/2018, 7/28/2018, 8/11/2018, 8/18/2018, 8/25/2018, 9/1/2018

Rocky Mountain National Park contains breathtaking scenery, ample wildlife viewing, and opportunities to connect with the past as you travel across Trail Ridge Road, the awe-inspiring by-way across the Continental Divide. A professional educational guide will provide participants with an overview of the park’s history, flora, fauna, and geology while they view passing landscapes from the comfort of a 14-passenger bus or 12-passenger van.

Opportunity for taking pictures will be provided at the many pull-off stops along the way such as the Holzwarth Historic Site, Milner Pass (Continental Divide), Alpine Visitor Center, Rock Cut, Forest Canyon Overlook, and Lava Cliffs.