Emmanuel Sanders’ A Night to Catch Flight

Jun 12, 2018

On Tuesday, June 12th, Denver Broncos Wide Receiver Emmanuel Sanders and his Denver Broncos teammates will step off the football field and into a private jet hangar to mix and mingle with more than 150 supporters of Emmanuel’s foundation, Denver’s charitable community and Denver Broncos fans. Guests will enjoy a high-spirited cocktail reception sponsored by 5280 Magazine, fine cuisine, exciting live and silent auctions and luxury cars and private aircrafts.

Proceeds from Emmanuel Sanders’ A Night to Catch Flight will help financially disadvantaged kids in Denver reach new heights as Emmanuel continues his community impact through "Emmanuel’s Locker" community outreach program. Emmanuel's Locker provided sports equipment as well as resources and supplies for students participating in after-school sports who may not have access to some of the sporting equipment they need to participate, and/or succeed in after-school sports programs.