End of Summer Dinner Party

Sep 24, 2017

Its been awhile since our last summertime seafood dinner back in July, the seasons have started to change, the nights are getting cooler, new produce is coming in and out of season, including one of my favorites, apples.

After taking the month of August off to work in NY and finally get caught up on some private events we have some time to host our next Dinner Party on Sunday Sept 24th at 5:30pm for an early dinner to celebrate the end of summer and the beginning of fall. One of my favorite times of the year, especially to cook as we still have the abundance of summer produce and can play around with some deeper flavors to match the cooler weather.
The menu right now is kinda TBD as we will play around with some different flavors to add to the items above, just let me us know if there is anything you don’t like and we will be sure not to include that in your plate.

I am looking forward to cooking for everyone again.
Email me at or purchase your seat in advance online.

Corn Tortellini
End of Tomato Salad
Duck and Mushrooms
Apple Betty