Ethan Michael Playing Live

Jul 31, 2020


If I really wanted to make it as a musician I’d had better learn to sing” - Eric Clapton. Three years ago is when Ethan Michael first heard this quote. Ethan having been a guitar player for ten years of his life at the point thought highly of Slow Hand and decided to try singing. Ethan had always had a good voice and enjoyed singing but he always thought of himself as a guitar player. When he started to sing he thought about his favorite songs and the music his voice was naturally drawn to that also featured great guitar parts. Artists from lost of styles, spanning plenty of decades, Prince, The Stones, and all the great music in between. After a couple of years Ethan began writing songs of his own which have been record with one of his bands
FASHØN. Tonight at the Hard rock Cafe expect to hear a mix of covers and originals pieced together with the soul intention of getting everybody together for a care free time.

Special live performance at 9 PM.

Free Entry | All Ages

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