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Ethnic Dishes

Jun 15, 2019


"Creating bridges, not walls, through the exchange of Food, Culture & Music"

Ethnic Dishes is a platform that was created by Jus_Chill International to showcase the diversity in cuisine choices that exist within the Denver community. The event will have on display 3 to 7 different established local restaurants representing cuisines from multiple geographical locations. An exhibition of the Jus_Chill Food Hut whose kitchen will showcase the culinary skills of a headlined chef with over 20 years’ experiences in the Jamaican luxury hospitality industry. Attendees to the event will have the opportunity to get food and/or drink samples from these entities while they learn about the restaurants themselves such as their current establishments, menu offerings, and uniqueness. Through the purchase of event tickets, attendees can get two free servings of food and/or drink from the booths of their choice as well as drinks from the Jus_Chill Drink Shack.

Adults - $45 | Students - $30 | Under 12 - Free

In addition to the cuisine exhibitions by these restaurants; they will have the ability to display and communicate information about the ethnicity of the cuisine to the attendees. This is an opportunity to create bridges in the community and establish commercial as well as personal connections. In short, the restaurateurs can also serve as cultural ambassadors to the wider community which may help in discovering similarities and resolving differences.

The third component to the event involves music delivery. This will include local bands and musicians performing very short sets representing different regions of the world. There will not be a stage show configuration but instead an intimate setting with basic instruments. The music delivery will be headlined by a Jamaican entertainer with many years of experience in creating a relaxing and captivating ambiance across the world including Denver.

Part proceeds from the event will go towards the Jus_Start entrepreneurial incubator program which seeks to empower talented individuals in developing economies by providing a platform and creating an eco-system on which that talent can be commercialized.

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