Exhibition Artist Reception: Complementary

Nov 3, 2017

We conclude our 30th anniversary celebrations with an exhibition featuring new and emerging artists that complement and expand ASLD as we continue to look toward the future. Please join us for the First Friday opening artist reception!

• Sabin Aell (Courtesy of Walker Fine Art)
• Molly Bounds
• Trine Bumiller (Courtesy of Robischon Gallery)
• Kim Dickey (Courtesy of Robischon Gallery)
• Sandra Fettingis
• Kendra Fleischman
• Lindsy Halleckson (Courtesy of Walker Fine Art)
• Mark Penner Howell (Courtesy of Walker Finer Art)
• Sammy Lee
• Daisy Patton (Courtesy of K Contemporary)
• Roger Reutimann (Courtesy of Havu Gallery)
• Scott Roper
• Dustin Young
• Mario Zoots (Courtesy of K Contemporary)