FAC Museum Free Day

Dec 20, 2019


The goal of Museum Free Days is to provide access to the FAC’s general admission offerings to the widest possible audiences in the Pikes Peak region. Museum Free Days, as a part of the FAC’s other free and reduced-fee programs (such as scholarship programs at Bemis, and special military discounts through the Blue Star Theatres and Blue Star Museums programs), make an important impact in our community.

We believe that a strong arts and culture presence is essential for a healthy community. GE Johnson Construction Company, the Pikes Peak Community Foundation and the Kirkpatrick Family Fund have come alongside the Fine Arts Center to underwrite monthly free days at the museum. Museum Free Days require underwriting to pay for the costs of running the museum. Since the Fine Arts Center receives virtually no government funding, it is not able to offer free admissions without generous underwriting and support.

“We’re thrilled to be able to partner with the Fine Arts Center,” says GE Johnson Construction Company CEO, Jim Johnson. “We recognize that increasing participation in the arts is good for the community and actually fuels the economic growth we need in the Pikes Peak region.”