Oct 25, 2017

Spend an evening with world renowned documentary family photographer, educator and keynote speaker as she uses her experiences photographing and studying children for the last 20 years to address some of our biggest fears as adults. This talk is for any and all who find themselves struggling to balance their personal and professional lives and meet the expectations they set for themselves in terms of success both at the office and at home. You are guaranteed to laugh, ponder and perhaps cry during her time on stage, sending you home with a new perspective on navigating life's challenges and embracing the joy that often goes unnoticed. She will share her own story of cast iron skillets, OK Cupid, infertility, depression and resilience as well as share the endless amount of lessons from children who put everything into perspective.

Kirsten has been a keynote speaker in the USA, Canada, Brazil, Argentina, the UK and Budapest. She has taught 3 successful classes on Creative Live for a worldwide audience as well as presented locally in Denver at storytelling events. In the spring she will head to India to present 3 different talks in Mumbai.

PLEASE NOTE: This talk is PG13ish?

Kirsten is known for parents requiring their children to wear noise canceling headphones during the talk. (Based on a very true story.)