Fijian Album: A Bailey Lecture Film Like No Other

Mar 28, 2019


Former Museum director Alfred M. Bailey conducted fieldwork around the world during the mid-20th century. He shared his adventures during a popular film lecture series, making armchair travel possible long before the internet. Bailey’s “Fijian Album” film was made before the first commercial flight to Fiji occurred in 1951. Bailey, once again, captured a culture on film before it became known to the rest of the world. During this screening, image archivist René O’Connell will share how although the original narration was lost, Bailey’s notes and field journals were used to create a new script, read by Dave Baysinger, a friend of Bailey’s and the Museum’s videographer for more than 40 years. Thanks to our partner Robert David of CinemaLab, who lovingly restored the film, and for his contributions to the writing, editing, and sound design of the final film.

All sales final unless the museum cancels the event.