Firearms Festival

9/22/2017, 9/23/2017, 9/24/2017

CGC's Firearms Festival is a highly trafficked opportunity, with nearly 5,000 guests.

During the festival, we are honored to have two heroes of Benghazi, John "Tig" Tiegen and Mark "Oz" Geist, here to sign autographs and take photos. We will also have a live performance from the band Richie Law. The Festival will include prizes, games, food trucks, vendors, sales, pro shooters, swag and more!

We will also have attendees gather coins at various festival locations. The first 500 guests to gather all their coins, will receive a special Centennial Gun Club T-shirt! We will be handing out detailed maps to festival attendees, which will guide them through areas strategically organized to create traffic flow for all vendors throughout the festival.

*$5.00 wrist band charge for the following: bounce house, climbing wall & obstacle course