Dynamic Variation:

First Friday: CORE Members Exhibit

Nov 5, 2021


Pareidolia - Michelle Lamb

Michelle Lamb devises a world where hardware fasteners form jellyfish, typewriter innards constitute birds, and adding machines and kitchen gadgets generate exotic fish. This psychological phenomenon or tendency of perceiving a specific image in an unrelated medium is called “pareidolia” and Lamb explores its outermost limits. Recontextualizing the symmetry of shapes or repetitive pattern designs of the most common items, Lamb transforms them into Native American inspired totems, Eastern temples or mythological pagan-like shrines, figures and artifacts. Self described as “industrial baroque” her curious kind of alchemy upcycles that which is base into something rare, refined and remarkable.

Revived - Susie Biehl

Susie Biehl's latest collection is an explosion of color, pattern, energy and beauty. It is an eclectic mix of assemblage, collage, exploration and accumulation. Biehl has a knack for combining rejected debris people leave behind for future cultural anthropologists and the stunning beauty of objects only Mother Nature herself can create. Much of what is manufactured today serves but a single use and is designed for an ephemeral existence before heading straight to the landfill. Biehl seeks to find beauty in these discarded objects, and thus "revive" them, bringing them back to life and into a new, elevated state as fine art. Her work is imaginative, surprising and beautiful. In its own way it bridges consumerism and environmentalism into what modern life has effectively wrought: a compromise between the forces of human progress and the natural world.


"Moving On" - Claudia Roulier

In a year already fraught with immense changes, Claudia Roulier moved from where she was born and raised, had children and grew older, to a brand new place. Changes and challenges naturally kept her on an emotional rollercoaster and Roulier's latest work is a residual reflection of her recent experiences. The move rewired her head and upended every aspect of her daily life, from what she does in the morning to how she structures her days. "Everything is new, exciting, scary, and different." Actually a fitting way to describe her outrageous must-see art that has always been a crowd pleaser.