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First Harvest Music Festival

Jun 22, 2019


The First Harvest Music Festival will take place on Saturday, June 22nd at DeLaney Community Farm, a 5-acre farm that supports refugees through an intensive educational program, sustainable agriculture, and community building. The evening will feature live music from Esmé Patterson, Bluebook, Hunter Burnette, and Taylor Maxwell & the Changing Tide. There will be a variety of food trucks, craft beverages, and treats for the whole family.

This annual summer event honors the increasingly-significant World Refugee Day, and is a chance to support year-round work that directly impacts the lives of Colorado refugees. Over the past nine years, Project Worthmore has grown to serve refugees from over 20 countries who now call metro Denver home.

All proceeds from this event will support Project Worthmore – a nonprofit that provides direct programs and services to the local refugee community.

Tickets are free for kids 5 and under, $10 for ages 6-12, and $35 for 12+. Early bird ticket sales end May 31st - adult tickets will increase to $40!

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